Quads September 1st, 2003 - Staples

A fast start in the sand at Staples! Thanks to Jeff & Dawn Oldenburg for letting me get my batteries charged and The Qwasts for the electricity to get my photos off the camera and on to the laptop from Kellogg. A long weekend but well worth the drive to see the great racing at Motocity!

Jeff changed the whoop section a bit and it was a nice challenge for Tony Ranallo.
Josh Troumbly also through the whoops.
Shannon Friesen had the section figured out!

Nice air from rider Craig Cherrington riding his sons machine!

Cody Anderson...
...Cameron Shimek...
...and unknown number 706 rider heading into the sand at Staples.
Travis Palmquist grabbing into the sand!
The track was groomed after the first motos and had the riders going hard...
...including Jen Parsons in the corners and over the jumps.