Quads July 4th, 2003 - Staples

(87) Cody Anderson getting the start in the first drop of the Quad 250 A/B...

...and (60) Cameron Shimek turning on the gas in the second drop.
Scott Maxson with a strong drive into the whoop section at Staples.
Tony Ranallo with a good ride in the Quad A moto.
Randy Peltier hard on the gas.
Karri Lind getting the holeshot in the first Quad Womens race.
John Wenzel in the Quad Open B race.
Mike Rivard with no fear over one of the big tabletop jumps at Staples.
Mike Mindt is currently 8th in the points standings riding the Quad Vet class in District 23.
Dale Stoll in the Quad Open B moto.
Cameron Shimek with some hard cornering.