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Gregg is D23 rider #71

You can purchase a print of your favorite District 23 rider from photographer Gregg Wolfe and MNracing dot com.  Just send an email to let me know the photo you would like and I can send it to you in the mail or bring your print to the track.

You can find me at the races by looking for B rider number 204 in the the pits or you may see me wandering around taking photos and I'll be happy to grab your print for you.

If I don't have a photo of yourself or your favorite rider, it's only because you haven't asked!

2011 Pricing for Premium Prints
(Paypal prices include a 10% discount)

8 1/2" x 11"  glossy print - $14 (12.60 Paypal)
11" x 14"  glossy print - $19 (17.10 Paypal)
11" x 17"  glossy print - $24 (21.60 Paypal)
13" x 19"  glossy print - $29 (26.10 Paypal)

(add $3 for shipping any amount by mail)