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The true story behind the people who make it all happen!

Our team of expert and award winning photographers meet early Sunday morning to hop in the official semi. We head off to the track for our exciting day of taking the great action shots you have come to expect week after week.

After unloading our photo equipment, we see the thousands of fans starting to file in. They are ready to watch the team of photographers walk toward the track. Most of the fans pull out their video cameras to capture the moment as the MNRacing photo team enters the racing area. Only Greg Vaith doesn't seem to care.

But before the gate even drops for the first pee wee race, team photographer Gregg Wolfe is already worn out from walking 50 feet and decides to snap photos from a chair. We fired Gregg at the end of the day for being a lazy bastard.

During our drive back from the track, we saw Gregg taking photos of pigs out in a farm field. We still aren't sure what the deal was after he told us to look at on April 1st, 2005 since that is April Fools Day. But either way, we were glad he was gone from our expert team since he isn't a very bright guy & we don't really like him.

After leaving Gregg behind, we took our images back to the giant digital lab for processing. Our trained photo technicians work overtime to convert thousands of photos and get them ready for the weekly web page on

But to our surprise, we found that none of us had remembered to remove the lens cap from our camera and we were left with nothing but black images.

To our dismay, Gregg will be back during the 2005 season (like it or not). Once we figure out how to take photos with the lens cap off, we will fire Gregg so we can have more fun. He's just a "stick in the mud" and sits in a chair all day. We are eager for the 2006 season and can't wait for 2005 to come to an end so Gregg won't be around giving us grief about our lens caps.