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MNracing est'd May 18, 2002
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Gregg is D23 rider #71

MN Racing FAQ
(frequently asked questions and information)

What is MNracing.com?
My name is Gregg Wolfe and I create these web pages, take the photos and answer the e-mail. I have raced motocross and taken photos of motocross racing in the Minnesota area for quite a few years. When I was a youngster I raced in the 1970's and 80's and then took a little break. I bought another race bike a few years ago and have had almost as much fun taking pictures as I have had racing again. I still have photos that Minnesota motocross photographer John Rannikko Jr. took of me quite some time ago. John captured some great images that I still enjoy and I hope that the photos I'm taking now will also be treasured years down the road.

Do you have a photo of me?
I might. I post all of the shots that I take on the web page for that particular weekend. If you don't find any photos of yourself, just send me an e-mail with your rider number and class and I'll be glad to snap a couple of shots the next time I see you out on the track.

What track will you be shooting next Sunday?
I post the track I'll be heading to each weekend on my main web page so just check back often and have a look. Once in a while my schedule changes due to weather or other things.

How do I sign up to race motocross in Minnesota?
Start by going to the District 23 web page at www.armca.org. You can get all of the information you need there. District 23 is the Minnesota district of the AMA and you will need to sign up with them and the American Motorcycle Association to race in D23 events.

What kind of equipment do you use to take photos?
I'm using the following equipment to take the photos and make prints:

1 - Canon EOS-1D Mark II body
1 - Canon EOS-1D body
1 - Canon 580EX flash
1 - Canon 550EX flash
1 - Canon 70-200 f2.8L lens
1 - Canon 17-40 f4L lens
1 - Canon 2.x extender
1 - ExpoDisc White Balance Filter
1 - Sto-Fen Omni Bounce
1 - Gerber Edge with GS15+ Plotter
1 - Pantone ColorVision Spyder 2
1 - Epson R2400 printer
1 - Epson 2200 printer
1 - 15" Sony PCG-GRT170 Laptop
1 - Home built 3.2 gig workstation
1 - Photoshop CS2 with RAW converter
1 - Minolta Dimage AF-2840 negative scanner
many - 1 gig compact flash cards
many - USB Drives to store data

Get out there and take some of your own photos. It's a lot of fun!

Why don't you have a link to your e-mail address that I can "click" on?
Because I'm sick of spam. Electronic robots look at web pages for e-mail addresses to send spam. My e-mail address is only in the form of an image so those robots can't read the address. You will see my e-mail address at the bottom of most of the pages and you can also use a web form to contact me. So because of the spammers you will have to either type in the address you see at the bottom of some of the pages or use the web form. I would type in the address for you here but that would kinda' defeat the purpose of getting rid of spam!