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Last updated Oct 24, 2012
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Gregg is D23 40+ B rider #204

11/1/11 Update: Exclusive pig racing photography coming in 2012!!!

I'm excited to announce that beginning April 1st 2012, will be changing it's format from motocross to pig racing! Motocross was okay for a while, but the excitement of pig racing should really get your heart pumping. Pig racing RULES!

Be sure to stop by every week and check out all of the great action! If you have a pig that will be racing one of the big events and want a photo taken, just let me know and I'll get some photos of him before he gets made into yummy sausage or bacon!

If your pig is slow and can't seem to win a race, Hormel is always looking for pigs to add to their team. Check out their sponsorship program for details.

Enjoy the pig racing photos and see ya' at the pig racing track!

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4/3/12 Pig Racing
4/10/12 Pig Racing
4/17/12 Pig Racing
4/24/12 Pig Racing

2012 13 page pork calendars

I am now making 13 page full color spiral bound glossy custom calendars of your favorite pig out there on the track. Don't dilly-dally. You never know when he's going to be hauled off to Hormel and the only photo you'll have is a package of bacon.

2012 Race Prints

Feel free to send me an e-mail if you would like to have a few photos taken out on the track of your favorite porker. The prices of high quality prints are very reasonable and made with the best materials available. Your pig will love you for it even if you're eating him for breakfast.

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