July 13th, 2003 - Millville

Logan Grimley on the gas in the 85cc 12 - 15 race.
The start of the Youth race with (211) Brandon Haas out front.
John Heinlein and...
...Jon Vargo both carrying alot of speed through the sweeper before the camelback.
Corey Deyoung back racing after being hurt earlier in the season.
Jake Sorensen getting the start in the two heat 85cc 7 - 11 class.
Brian May is currently 4th in the Supermini class in District 23.
Zachary Ehmke with some strong cornering.
Jedd Braunwarth getting rid of a tear-off at Millville.
Mitchell Koebnick on his Honda.
A battle going on between (512) Bob Theis and (218) Rick Johnson in the 250 B race.
Brandon Parliament also with some great cornering at Spring Creek.
Clay Nelson getting the start in the 125 C class but grabbing a bit too much front brake.
Mitch Jenson also in the 125 C race.
Lynn Meyer with a good ride in the 50+ moto.
Kevin Schlegel with the great 401 number and racing in the Vet A class.
Josh Flatness...
...and David Krings in the 16 - 24 C race.
Mark Lillemoen with some style in the Vet C class where he is currently 17th in points.
Travis Oellien in one of the hardpack ruts that formed at Spring Creek.