July 6th, 2003 - Mazeppa

(218) Rick Johnson getting another holeshot, this time in the combined over 25 A/B race with (425) Jared Anderson right behind.
Jesse Wentland and no problem with the double-double in his 65cc 7 - 9 race.
Danny Greig in the 65cc 7 - 9 race...
...and Zach Ehmke in the 85cc 12 - 15 class both with some good roosts.
Brian Hoyt going hard on his Kawasaki.
Kirk Brown getting the holeshot in the combined 40+ A/B drop...
...with Tom Ohnsorg getting the start with the C riders in the second drop...
...and winning his moto.
Dave Ettesvold also getting a win with some tucked in cornering and good form on the tacky track.
Tom Lauzon heading back into the finish line over the step-up.
Kristen Oja over the double-double on her Kawasaki.
Nicholas Benson also riding a Kawasaki in his 85cc 7 - 11 race at Hurricane Hills.
Chris Costello with a big crowd behind him in the pits and a fine Sunday for some motocross!
487 is Jake Tolzmann having a good day on his RM in the 16 - 24 B moto.
George Hodkinson on his GPS Racing bike in the Vet A race.
Rick Johnson getting roosted!
The 125 C race had (540) Andy Stier and (398) Brian Hoyt with a good battle from the start.
Another Benson, this time Blake on his KTM in the 4 - 6 year old race.
Brooks Burr on a KTM too in his 7 - 8 chain moto.
Kye Brown also riding the popular KTM.