July 4th, 2003 - Staples

Tyler Weinsenberger...
...and Matthew Wacek both riding a Kawasaki in the 65cc 10 - 11 class.
Jake Loberg with some nice cornering at Staples.
Zack Osowski holding the gas on.
Joe Neumann getting off the smaller KTM and racing his Suzuki in the 65cc 7 - 9 moto.
The berms got bigger as the races went on and Eric Quast took advantage.
The oil injected 4 - 6 race had (385) Mason Lube with (288) Liam Strong chasing right behind.
Philip Neske on his KTM.
Blue skies and a great day for motocross with Trent Herold getting some big air.
Dustin Harguth...
...and Clay Schmidt both riding hard in the 85cc 12 - 15 race.
Ryan Greening in the 125 A race after a bit of track watering.
Brandon Hasti with a good ride on his YZ.
Jenna Fore...
...Samantha Hoyhtya both racing in the Womens class moto.
Mike Moores heading into the whoop section at MotoCity Raceway.
Kevin Uhlenkamp doing well this year in the Vet C class.
Scott Jendro is currently 2nd in the 250 A class points.
Jake Bostrom with a big roost.
Authur Hagte using one of the big sand berms.
Paul Mattson on his Honda.
Jacob Karg over the big tunnel jump.