June 15th, 2003 - Kellogg

Saturday practice with Jason Vaith...
...Nick Claire...
...and Adam Reed getting ready for Sunday racing.
And after a tough day of spinning wrenches, it was time for a little nap!
Sunday's motos started with Emma Miller...
...and brother Blake on their KTMs.
McKenna Oldenburg also charging hard in the Oil Injected 4 - 6 class at Midway.
Then the bigger bikes got out on the track with Spencer Kadlec in the 85 12 - 15 moto.
Bruce Dehn also racing an 85cc RM.
Andrew Kurtz riding hard on his Suzuki...
...with brother Sam also on a RM.
Andrew Lauzon in the first 125 C moto.
Mike Sanders in the +25 races on a perfect Sunday for racing.
Levi Quandahl is currently 5th in the point standings for the 16 - 24 A class.
Craig Radle racing in the 16 - 24 B moto is 3rd in his class.
Rick Johnson moved up to the B class this year and had a good day in his Vet B moto.
Brett Nagel with some great cornering in the Supermini race at Kellogg.
Justin Posusta doubling into Midway Motocross Park's "Dirty Dozen".
Jordan Kemmerer riding the 443 Kawasaki in the 65cc 7 - 9 moto.
Gannon Audette is currently 7th in the 85cc 9 - 12 class in Minnesota's District 23.
Chad Kramer on his YZ in the 125 C race.