June 8th, 2003 - Little Falls

Joe Neumann with some big air on his 50cc Polini...
...along with Zach Trout on his KTM.
Mikey Otten also riding a KTM during the rain shortened day at Little Falls.
There were only one set of motos due to the rain including Gavin Kadlec's 65cc 7 - 9 race.
Tyler Weisenberger on his 65 Kawasaki...
...and a fellow Kawasaki rider Dustin Fore both in the 10 - 11 year old moto.
Charlie Mell riding the number 114 machine this season after moving to A class.
Ray Osowski is currently 6th in points racing the Vet A class.
Michael Lyndorff in the 40+ B race...
...and Spencer Dally both very quick over one of the big doubles at Little Falls Raceway.
(81) Tony Traxler getting another holeshot in the 16 - 24 race.
James Easler is 6th in the 16 - 24 points standings in District 23 for the 2003 season.
Ryan Stalberger...
...Tony Ahlers...
...and Bobby Penders all taking advantage of the great traction in the corners.
Derek Craft easily clearing the biggest jump on the track at Little Falls.
Chad Koenig leading the points in the 16 - 24 class and winning this race.
(280) Travis Amiot and (386) Michael Herman doing battle.
Samantha Hoyhtya with good form in the Womens class.
(13Y) Nolan Erickson and (224) Craig Radle dicing in the corners.