June 1st, 2003 - Cambridge

Brad Bromenschenkel with a wheelie into the front straight at Cambridge.
Charles Brown with good start and moto in the over 25 race.
Thomas Miller with a big roost in the sand.
Pat Donaho digging into one of the big berms that built up during the day. The Cambridge track is groomed after the first motos to bring them back down.
Robert Kohl was fast into the corners also.
Mark Tresidder riding his KTM.
Cole Thompson coming into another of the very big berms with Eric Johnson chasing in the 85cc 7 - 11 class.
Damon Barnick in the 85cc 12 - 15 race.
James Easler currently 7th in the District 23 250 points.
Mike Christy in the 30+ moto with some good cornering.
Dustin Fore hard on the gas.
(159) Tyler Weisenberger and (255) Josh Bartness dicing.
Ryan Dungey with the pack chasing after the start of the 85cc 12 - 15 moto.
Scott Jendro riding with the number 1 plate in the 250 A class race.
Lance Solem coming out of a tough corner where riders had trouble all day.
Michael Lyndorff in the +40 B moto getting some air over one of the few jumps at Cambridge.
Mike Moores roosting his competition!
Lee Erickson having a good day on his YZ coming around the finish line corner for the last lap.
Ross Larson making quick work of a small jump coming into this corner.
The 125 A start with (45) Lee Erickson getting the holeshot. Clayton was proud while looking on after giving the advice!
(475) Dallas Nord and (370) Mike Haseltine chasing.