May 26th, 2003 - Millville

Tony DeMarais on his RM...
...and Nicholas Jackson on his KX dicing in the 85cc 12 - 15 moto.
Travis Chevalier going hard in the corners.
James Polvoney followed me down from Staples on Sunday to have his photo taken at the Monday Memorial Day race in Millville.
I'm kinda' cheap so I was lucky to find this tear-off for my next 40+ B moto.
Nate Broughton giving hand signals to...
...Mike Kann who was behind him in the Monday 250 A race.
Matt Judnick over the big camelback jump.
The camelback jump felt more like a freestyle event watching the riders coming by in the 250 A race. Dusty Hoyt with this giant whip.
Chris Costello is currently 3rd in the 250 B points chase in District 23.
Cody Yule with nothin' but sky on his Yamaha.
Lonny Brown over the second of the 3 big doubles in the back of the Spring Creek track.
Jessica Hanson clearing the 3rd of the doubles in the Womens race.
Fans had a great time watching the races with perfect weather near the end of May in Minnesota.
A quick first corner with (42) Ryan Stalberger and (172) Mike Kann leading the pack in the 1st 125 A moto.
The 85cc 12 - 15 had Chad Schmidt...
...and Alex Martin both mastering the track with good motos.
I liked the nice Yamaha banners they had hung for the Memorial Day races.
Scott Ehlenfeldt is 2nd in points riding his KTM in the 125 A class.
Tyler Larson on his Yamaha.
Logan Grimley getting ready for the big uphill at Spring Creek Motocross Park.
Matt Ahlers being chased in the Schoolboy race.