April 6th, 2003 - Mazeppa

Mikhail Overby riding the number 702 bike for a while this year.
Even with the cold weather riders were trying to keep some style in their riding. I don't think it probably made it to 40 during the day.
Tanner Rinken racing in the chain 7 - 8 class.
Pat Donaho clearing the big jump just after the finish line. Pat had some great rides during the day.
Scott Ehlenfeldt also with some hard riding on his KTM.
Brandon Haas dressed for the cold weather on his YZ.
Lance Wadum and a pretty cold looking background!
(410) Justin Posusta and (721) Alex Kenison dicing in the whoop section at Hurricane Hills.
I think this was the start of the 250 C race, but I may be mistaken. It was too cold out to take many notes!
Logan Hegna in the 4 - 6 year old race.
Jesse Wentland had a couple of nice races in the chain 7 - 8 races...
...along with Brooks Burr in the same moto.
Jared Anderson had a pretty trick yellow Honda 450F!
Alex Ettesvold is racing the #131 Honda this year in the 85cc 12 - 15 class.
Even though the weather was cold the track was in great shape. Nice and tacky for lots of traction.
And the big jumps had riders getting lots of air all day!