October 20th, 2002 - Plainview

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Brady Rhode on the last Sunday of the 2002 District 23 season.
Ed Cox also racing on his 65.
219 is Logan Marzahn coming down the front straight.
It was a pretty cold day for the last race with temps in the 40s.
Caleb Owens blends right in wearing a hunting jacket to stay warm.
Jason Rainer on his YZ in the +25 C moto.
Bill Tilford also on a YZ.
Trevor Tuma in the Youth race.
Cory Vandal had a nice year in the 85cc 7 - 11 class.
Quite a few smaller bikes showed up for the last race including Austin Virock...
...and Brody Pænman both in the Shaft 4 - 6 class.
Brandon Bartelds on his RM.
Rick Johnson and Kirk Brown with quite a battle in the +40 B race.

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