September 29th, 2002 - Millville

The 15 second sign goes up...
...and Phil Pilgram makes sure his son knows which way to go!
Cole Langer in the 125 B moto on a foggy day with a perfect temperature for racing.
Kirk Brown got the really cool jacket for winning the 40+ C class in the Millville Super Series but got roosted anyway.
Fun with the wide-angle lens and the speed of Mike Kann...
...and Nate Broughton cornering.
Tim Bernloehr with a good ride in the Vet A race.
The ruts got pretty deep after quite a bit of rain on Saturday night at Spring Creek.
It started out muddy but the track had great traction by the middle of the day.
A wide-angle photo of the start of the Youth class...
...and Brandon Parliament from about 2 feet away!
The leaves are still on the trees at the end of September but will probably be gone by the next race at Millville.
James Smith in the 85cc 12 - 15 class.
Dave Ettesvold won the 40+ B points this year in District 23.
Gavin Kadlec did well during the 2002 season racing in the 85cc 7 - 11 class...
...along with Cory Vandal who ended up 6th.
Brad Miller with a good roost in the 16 - 24 B moto.