September 22nd, 2002 - Elko

Trevor Tuma riding in the 250 B race.
Hmm, I can't seem to read the number here so if you know who this rider is please drop me an e-mail.
Donny Bonickson at the line for one of the last races of the year at Elko.
Todd Thomas making it to most of the races at Elko and riding in the 40+ C class.
(283) Adam Reed finishing 5th in points for the 2002 season in the 125 C class in District 23.
Danny Bengtson crashed hard on his KTM also in the 125 C race.
Another 125 C rider Brandon Lawrence.
(938) Kevin Burns dicing with (823) Dave Schreiner in the first 25+ race.
Jeremy Dupey over the "Ride Sports" double. Sorry about some of these photos focused on the wrong object, but this was the first time with my new camera!
(594) Shawn Sandback bottoming with (226) Tim Woodwick right behind heading into the whoop section.
The gate is about to drop for the combined Vet race.
Chris Martin just after the big double at Elko.
Nate Broughton ending the season with 3rd in points riding in the 250 A class.