September 1st & 2nd, 2002 - Kellogg

Labor Day Weekend

Austin Altman on his Yamaha in the 4 - 6 shaft class.
I'm not sure about his full name, but this is Ben. He had just turned 4 and was out racing for his first time. He had to have been the smallest rider I have ever seen even in the 4 - 6 class. Ben didn't exactly win the race but he finished both motos. Way to go! A day I'm sure he will never forget.
Another fast 4 - 6 shaft rider. It's Connor Hofmeister heading toward the finish line at Midway.
Tyler Buckles after a crash in the 85cc 9 - 12 race.
Trevor Tuma is currently 3rd in points racing in the Youth class.
976 Travis Graif and 14 Brandon Haas also dicing it out in the Youth race.
Jason Vaith with Beau Lammers right behind in the 125 C moto.
Jason Boche is 13th in points racing in the 25+ B class...
...and Mike Little is 3rd.
Marshall Pilgram racing his 2003 Kawasaki for the first time.
The start of the double drop for the 40+ A...
...and B class races. Quite a battle out front here as 408 David Ettesvold and 380 Alan Bumgardner bang bars.
Mike Graif had a nice win in the A race.
Randy Nagel on his BBR Honda.
Then a fast start with a big gate in the Vet B class.
Chris Costello doing well this year in the 250 B races in Minnesota's District 23.
Mike Bottelfson on his 250F in the 125A class carrying a bunch of speed.
618 Jesse Johnson and 117 Jeff Doyle with a major battle in the 16 - 24 Sunday moto.
Dan Dallman is 7th points wise and having a good 2002 season in the 125 C class.
Samuel Kurtz with some hard cornering.
John Wessling in the 65cc 10 - 11 race...
... with Riley Kroone in the 65cc 7 - 9 moto.