August 25th 2002 - Elko

Robert Wallskog racing in the 25+ C moto. It was the first time I used my cool new wide-angle lens for my camera. Sorta' some neat close up photos.
Adam Reed also through the wide-angle lens. No, that's not a minibike he's on!
The start of the first 16 - 24 C race also through the wide-angle lens.
I'm not sure who this is since I can't read the number on the bike. But he had to have been the most patriotic rider at the Motokazi races!
Tyler Grobel getting up after falling down in the 4 - 6 year old shaft class.
Logan Hegna also in the 4 - 6 moto.
Brad Miller with big air in the 125 B race on a great Sunday afternoon for racing.
Joe Mueller also having a great ride in the 125 B class.
Cory Vandal racing in the 85cc 9 - 12 class this year in District 23.
541 Cody Stadin is also in the 85cc 9 - 12 class riding his Kawasaki.
Jake Sorenson is currently 7th in points racing his 65cc KTM.
Brandon Korin with a near heal-clicker over the big "Ride Sports" double at Elko.
Rick Johnson getting ready for a nice win in his moto.
Another nice holeshot picture heading off to the new first corner.