August 4th 2002 - Mazeppa

Joseph Munstenteiger racing in the 4 - 6 class at Hurricane Hills.
Dylan Wolff in a bit older class; the 7 - 8 chain.
Dane Rosenwinkel riding with great form.
Dad is so proud of his son...
...he forgot to move his thumb out of the way!
Kody Klemetson...
...and Cole Thompson both racing in the 65cc 10 - 11 class.
With a new set of jumps near the announcers tower...
...riders were trying all sorts of different ways... get through them...
...and only a handfull were able to jump them as a triple.
Trevor Tuma near the finish line in the youth class.
A tight first corner for the fast start of the 250 B moto.
Mikhail Overby finished 2nd in the race.
Ryan Pomasl with some nice speed through the shortened track.
Eric Trulson racing in the 250 C class.
A close finish in the 2nd youth class race.