July 28th 2002 - Millville

Joseph Neuman with alot of speed through the corners on the micro track.
(47) Jake Burbach and (96) Collin Hagen get a little too close...
...and tangle up at Millville.
Riley Kroone racing in the Chain 7 - 8 class.
The start of the 16 - 24 B race over on the the big track at Spring Creek MX Park.
Dallas Nord in the 250 C moto.
Fred Fredrickson and also...
...(233) Chris Althoff battling with (908) Carl Schubitzke in the 250/Open A race.
Points leader Charlie Mell in the 250/Open B class.
The start of the 40+ A class...
...with a second drop for the 40+ B class.
Scott Ruegg is currently 6th in the District 23 40+ A class.
Jerry Schulze making a habit of getting the front wheel up!
Gary Behrens at the end of the fast rhythm section in the back of the great Millville track.
Todd Thomas heading off to the colorbone uphill.
Craig Larson near the finish line in the 125 C race.
The creek was a great way to cool off in the heat.
Cory Vandal...
...and Randy DiBartolo in the 85cc 9 - 12 moto.