July 21st 2002 - Elko

Jordan Johnson...
...and Mitchell Oldenburg both going hard in the Chain 7 - 8 class.
Alexander Ives also over on the small track riding in the Chain 4 - 6 class.
Nick Radle just before the Ride Double in the 85cc 7 - 11 moto.
Lots of heat on a hot Sunday afternoon didn't stop anyone from having a great time.
A big gate for the 85cc 12 - 15 race...
...and Jake Karg with a good ride.
Ross Thompson on his Kawasaki riding in the over 25 class.
Riley Kroone in the 65cc 7 - 9 race just after the finish line at Elko.
Jason Johnson with a big roost in the Supermini race.
Natalie Gengel with her first win in the Womens class.
Matthew Miller racing in the 25+ C class.
Brad Miller having no problem with the Ride Double even after a bad crash during a Thursday practice a few weeks before.
A broken fork guard can be not only distracting but in the way of the spokes in your front wheel.
A nice shot of Jeremy Girard in the combined 125 A & B race.
Derek Rebischke easily clearing the Ride Sports double at Elko.
Matt Foels also in the combined 125 A/B moto.
6'1" Joe Hurd came from behind to win the second 25+ A race. It's amazing the optical illusions a photograph can create.