July 14th 2002 - Millville

Shelly Harens at the top of the uphill in the 16 - 24 B race at Spring Creek.
Tim Callahan doing well this year and racing in the Vet A ręce at the end of the rhythm section.
Scott Ehlenfeldt with another holeshot in the Youth class and leading the points.
Nate Broughton also a points leader this year in the 250 A class.
(163) Eric Sauer and (47) Robert Kohl with a good battle going also in the 250 A race.
(3L) Joe Ettesvold making a nice pass in the air while riding in the 125 A moto.
Brad Knospe also in the 125 A race on his KTM.
(109) Troy Goehrs dicing with (581) Nate Broughton.
Kody Schantzen with another good ride in the 85cc 12 - 15 class.
Then the 85cc 7 - 11 class and Travis Muller...
...and 474 Kody Klemetson.
The 2nd corner of the 125 C race had quite a pileup.
Trent Herold jumped the gate and it broke off causing him to go over the bars 10 feet later in the 2nd 85cc 7 - 11 moto...
...along with another small crash in the second corner.
Randy DiBartolo had a good moto in the same race.