July 4th 2002 - Mazeppa

Kody Klemetson with some good rides on his Kawasaki.
(815) Mike Sanders and (202) Mike Doheny trying different lines at Mazeppa.
District 23 webmaster Jason Boche racing in the Vet B class on Thursday.
Bruce Dehn in the 85cc 12-15 race.
Quite a battle going on during the first lap of the chain 7 - 8 moto.
Riley Kroone with some great riding style in the chain 7 - 8 class.
Kye Brown in the shaft 7 - 8 moto.
A pretty good battle going on in the 125 C race.
Kody Schantzen is currently 4th in points riding in the youth class.
Thursday afternoon turned out to be a pretty hot day with riders going through alot of drinking water...
...and spectators too.
A fast start to the Vet C moto at Hurricane Hills.
A nice shot of Nick Goodman who is currently 3rd points-wise in the 125 B class.
Craig Larson also doing well in the 2002 points. He is currently leading in the 16 - 24 C class.
Jared Anderson with some big air.
Scott Ehlenfeldt on his KTM.
More great action from the 125 C class.