June 30th 2002 - Kellogg

Mikhail Overby having some fun during Saturday practice at Kellogg.
Phil Pilgram and Greg Vaith relaxing and cooling off Saturday night in the pits after a really hot day.
The Sunday races get underway with Caleb Owens doing well in his 65cc race...
...and giving Rick Johnson some advice for his 50+ moto.
Some nice cornering from Riley Paulus in his shaft 7 - 8 moto.
McKensi Jackson racing in the shaft 4-6 class.
Jesse Wentland on the front straight for one of the first races of the day...
...but hit some deep mud when he landed.
Trevor Tuma staying at 3rd in the points race of the District 23 youth class.
Bill Tilford is currently 4th in the District 23 Vet A points chase.
Brandon Parliament with nice air on his RM.
Levi Quandahl also racing in the 125 A class.
I hate it when people get in the way just as I am about to take an action shot of a rider pulling off the track. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
Nick Goodman in the 125 B race.
Joe Ettesvold with some really great rides on Sunday at Kellogg.
A good dice in the Vet B race between (434) Lee Arntz and (222) Bill Cunningham.
Phillip Kairis is currently leading the points race in the Vet B class.
Points leader Kirk Brown in his Vet C race.
Ray Hom also racing in the Vet C class.
Adam Reed with another good ride in the 125 C class.