June 16th 2002 - Kellogg

The start of the pit bike races at Kellogg on Saturday afternoon. The noise level was incredible and the compitition furious!
And the action didn't stop with the start...
...hard racing throughout the exciting motos with Shelly Harens finishing 2nd.
Then Craig Larson on Sunday with some nice style and holding on to his #1 position in the 16 - 24 C class.
More action from Sunday racing and Jake Loberg having a good ride in the Chain 7 - 8 class.
Justin Craft also with some good form.
Gary Gengle always in control in his 30+ and 40+ races at Kellogg.
Shelly riding her other Yamaha in the 125 B race.
A big roost from Mikhail Overby in his 250 B race. Great soil to ride on at Kellogg until the rain came later in the day.
Marshall Pilgram in his 65 7 - 9 race while the track was starting to get a bit of dust.
Second corner of the 125 A class.
Mike Kann jumping the rather difficult double just before the front straight. Only a handfull of riders were able to clear it.