June 9th 2002 - Elko

Brad Carter over the big double at Elko.
Jerry Schulze also with a big thrill getting the front end up a bit in the Vet A race.
Jake Fogelberg starting the rhythm section.
Getting some sun early in the 2002 season.
Howie Underwood racing in the 85cc 7-11 class with some nice air.
Craig Schwarz cross jumping the Ride Sports double.
Tucker Hibbert in front of Nate Broughton near the finish line in the 125 A race.
Brett Ohland getting some giant air in the 125 A race.
The corners were nice and soft for great traction at Elko.
Clayton Carlson on his Yamaha.
Nick Goodman and Tony Ahlers dicing it out in the 125 B race.
Nick Fischer with another good ride in his 65cc 10 - 11 race.