May 26/27 2002 - Millville

Memorial Weekend

Bobby Wideman...
...and Adam Aldrich with some nice air over the big jump on the Millville uphill.
Marshall Pilgram hard on the gas in the 65cc 7 - 9 race.
A nice ride for Joe Ettesvold in the 16 - 24 A class. After the weekends races Joe is tied for 14th in District 23.
Braden Parks racing in the 125 B class also with a good ride during the 2 day event.
Jeremiah Johnson with a new Yamaha for the weekend in the 85cc 12 - 15 class.
Jason Vaith with some great starts in his 125 C races.
Another shot of Marshall heading off toward the sandwash. The whoops were extra large size over Memorial Day weekend.
Rick Johnson giving cornering lessons at Millville.
Quite a battle going on between Curt Beloy, Mike Kann and Brett Ohland in the 125 A race.
Mike Kann leading after a couple of laps in the same race...
...with Scott Jendro right behind on his KTM.
Brad Miller & James Mellies in the 250 B race.
Ryan Gates getting a bit of a roost going into the whoop section during the 85cc 12 - 15 race.
Adam Reed really doing well in his first year riding a 125.
James Mellies with some nice air near the finish.