May 19th 2002 - Elko

Cory Keeney cross jumping the Powermad double at Elko.
Jeremy Labeau & Tim Pospisil with different views of the landing on the big jump.
Jason Vaith heading into the new whoop section at Elko for 2002.
Nick Fischer with great form and lots of speed at the May 19th race in the 65cc 10-11 class.
Bobby Widman with a bunch of air in the 125 A race.
Jeremy Girard won the 125 B class moto with quite a bit of speed to spare. Fast!
Justin Posusta with a nice ride in the 85cc 7-11 race at Elko.
Hard riding in the first corner for the start of the 40+ A/B moto.
Scott Ehlenfeldt also had a nice ride. This is from the second moto in the youth class.
Nathan Broughton with some great style!
Rick Johnson with 2 strong motos to get his first trophy in 40+ B class since being moved up this year.