April 14th, 2002 - Kellogg

A crash in the whoop section after the rain quit. Lot's of rain just before the first moto made the track a bit slick.
Nathan Broughton on his new Honda 450.
Kirk Brown won the 30+ C race. Nice win for Kirk.
The start of the 30+ A class race.
Mike Kann and Chad Pederson dicing it out.
Gary Gengel going fast in the 30+ A race.
Allen Staige and Rick Johnson in the 40+ A/B race.
I got a great start in the second 40+ C race but was alredy in second by the whoop section.
Here I am again in second place in the second 40+ moto.
But it wasn't to be as I crashed hard in the whoop section and cracked a couple of ribs.
The pain sets in walking my bike back to the pits.