Minnesota Motocross - Images from the 1970's and 1980's

Brian Carney at the top of the big uphill at Millville.
Bob Patrin on his Honda from around 1979.
Tom Benolkin on his #9 Honda.
#38 Mike Graif and I think #2 is Don Coatsworth from about 1976.
Gregg Wolfe #77 in a pile-up at Millville in 1978.
Rich Otterness taking a video of me taking his picture.
Coming up the big uphill that used to be the best part of the track at Millville.
#21 is Tommy Fendler with the trick blue alumimum rim and one of the first 23" front wheels around.
I think this is Mike Graif on the #31 Montesa with the state of the art Fox Air Shox.
Gregg Wolfe at Plainview in 1977. Those were the days when a berm was a berm and water for the track was scarse!
This is from the start of an Open B class race in Strum, WI. There were 4 riders in the moto and 3 of them ran into each other!
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