Minnesota Motocross - Images from the 1970's and 1980's

Don't you just long for the days when you could go to the races and just sit right on the track and watch Tom Benolkin fly by...
...or get right up, close and personal with Mike Graif when he's in the air at Millville!
Paul Yackle at the Amateur National at Millville from 1976.
A holeshot photo from the Amateur National at Millville with Mike Graif right near the front on the red Montesa. The corner was very close to where it is today.
Erik Kehoe also racing at Millville.
Jay Holtz on his Montesa at Cambridge in around 1979.
Another shot of Jay.
Donny Schmidt at Millville from the mid/late 1980's.
Another shot of Erik Kehoe.
I'm not sure about this picture except that it's the old 180 after the second corner at Millville.
Tom Benolkin at Millville with the old scorers tower.
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