These are the riders I've sent electronic images to. If you have not received the image I sent as an attachment in an email reply, let me know as soon as possible. I've been sending them directly to each rider so you can include your sponsor information along with the photo.

Email the photo attachment I sent along with your sponsor information to Mark Becker:

Aaron Sperling
Aaron StSauver 1
Aaron StSauver 2
Alex Timmer
Andrew Peterson
Ben Adamson 1
Ben Adamson 2
Brandon Skaare
Cody Raze
Colton Arneson
Cory Vandal 1
Cory Vandal 2
Damon Johnson
Dan Deutsch 1
Dan Deutsch 2
Danny Robin
Daryl Salerno 1
Daryl Salerno 2
Dave Wessling
David Paul
Deuce Peplinski 1
Deuce Peplinski 2
Deuce Peplinski 3
Devin Donaho 1
Devin Donaho 2
Dustin Fore
Eric Anderson
Eric Garvey
Garrett Strong 1
Garrett Strong 2
George Hodkinson
Haley Greig
Henry Miller 1
Henry Miller 2
Hunter Yocom
Jake Loberg 1
Jake Loberg 2
Jake Loberg 3
Jamie Koch
Jeff Johnson 1
Jeff Johnson 2
Jerry Robin 1
Jerry Robin 2
Joe Perron 1
Joe Perron 2
John Tate
John Wessling 1
John Wessling 2
John Wessling 3
Josh Boaz 1
Josh Boaz 2
Josh Cherro
Kayla Solheid
Kristin Juday
Levi McMains 1
Levi McMains 2
Liam Strong 1
Liam Strong 2
Luke Benson 1
Luke Benson 2
Luke Benson 3
Mark Speldrick 1
Mark Speldrick 2
Mikayla Quinn
Mike Quinn
Nick Oeltjen
Noah McPherson
Payton Harrison
Pete Urban
Rob Kohl 1
Rob Kohl 2
Rob Kohl 3
Sawyer Brownlee
Scott Jendro 1
Scott Jendro 2
Shawn Rivet
Spencer Kadlec 1
Spencer Kadlec 2
Trent Hinrichs 1
Trent Hinrichs 2
Tyler Hinrichs 1
Tyler Hinrichs 2
Tyler Rivet 1
Tyler Rivet 2
Will Doane
Zack Williams 1
Zack Williams 2
Zack Williams 3